Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker - Black

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Image of XP700 X-Series Portable speaker from above with sound waves.

Surround yourself with sound

The XP700 is made up of several speakers, including a front and rear High-efficiency Tweeter and an X-Balanced Speaker Unit, to give you an Omnidirectional Party Sound with a punchy and deep bass and plenty of clarity.

Image of XP700 X-Series Portable speaker with close-up on the X-Balanced Speaker Unit.

X-Balanced Speaker Unit

The innovative X-Balanced Speaker Unit has a non-circular diaphragm with more area than conventional speakers. That means that you’ll get a richer, clearer sound, no matter what style of music you’re listening to.

Image of XP700 X-Series Portable speaker from the front & back.

Listen loud and clear

The combination of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit with a front and rear High-efficiency Tweeter, gives the XP700 an expansive profile that delivers high quality sound all over your venue.

Icon of MEGA BASS.

Give the bass a boost

MEGA BASS allows you to really dial up the bass. So if you're listening to something with a beat, you'll get a deep and punchy bass sound.

Image of people dancing at a music concert.

Hear it like it’s live

There’s something special about the sound of live music. With LIVE SOUND1 you can recreate that unique atmosphere and re-live your favourite live music experiences over and over again.

Image of XP700 X-Series Portable speaker lit up.

Light up the night

Thanks to brand-new ambient lighting, you can select a variety of different lighting patterns that can bring pulsating energy to parties or soothing sombre shades to a quiet night in.

Image of XP700 X-Series Portable speaker from above with splashes of water, showcasing the water resistance.

Rain will never stop play

Prepare your garden party for anything. The XP700 has an IPX4 Water resistant2 rating so you can keep on playing even if a few raindrops fall.

Icon of full battery symbol.

More battery life means more nightlife

At a good party, no one wants to the music to end. And with 25 hours3 of battery life when fully charged, this speaker will keep going for almost as long as you can.

Icon of Quick Charge feature, indicating that a 10 minute charge is enough for 3 hours of play.

Charge up in a hurry

If you find yourself a little short of time, don't worry. Quick charging will give you 3 hours3 of play on just a 10 minute charge.

Icon of the Battery Care feature, which features two hands beside a charging battery.

Take care of your battery

The Battery Care feature helps you avoid overcharging and will keep your battery in optimum condition for longer.

Image of XP700 X-Series Portable speaker with a hand gripping the comfortable handle on the rear of the speaker.

Grab it and go

The XP700 has a comfortable handle that makes carrying it easy. So if you usually have your speaker in the house, but fancy listening in the garden, simply pick up your speaker and go.

Image of woman singing from a microphone.

Sing your heart out

Love karaoke? Then you and the XP700 will make the perfect double act. Plug in your microphone, pick a song and give it everything you've got. And don't stop at singing. With two inputs, you can even plug in a guitar and use the speaker as an amp.

Icon of Bluetooth logo.

BLUETOOTH® compatible

Want to go wireless? Simply pair the XP700 with your BLUETOOTH® compatible devices and stream straight to your speaker.

FPO Icon of Party Connect feature.

Party Connect

Connect up to 100 compatible speakers and sync music and lights to get even more lighting and turn up the volume.

Icon of a USB memory stick.

Plug in and play

Use a rear USB port to connect USB memory sticks, and stream your favourite music from your device.

Icon of USB Charging Ports.

2 USB Charging Ports 

If your smartphone4 is running low on battery, you can plug it in and charge it directly from your speaker.

Image of two XP700 speakers, one standing upright and the other lying on its side.

 A great sound in every layout

The XP700 can be positioned horizontally5 or vertically; and whichever way you choose, a sensor will optimise the sound especially for that layout.

Icon of the Sony | Music Center logo.

Sony | Music Center

Optimise audio settings, control music, choose lighting patterns and manage your devices right from your phone.

Image of a man dancing at a party.

Fun features with Fiestable

Access fun features like making party playlists, karaoke, and so much more.

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